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  • What is the focus of the Pioneer Program?

    All Pioneers have an 18 month journey. However, each Pioneer will have a customized program depending on the position they are selected for.

  • I am not from Sweden, US, Germany or China. Can I apply to this program?

    Absolutely! We invite all Pioneers around the globe to join the program. The only requirement is that you have excellent English skills, regardless of the location of your position.

  • What are the criteria to become a Pioneer?

    Our main criteria is your ability to lead, self-motivation and entrepreneurial spirit. A bachelor degree i required, less than 3 years of working experience and excellent English skills.

  • Where is the Global Pioneer Program 2020 located?

    - Sweden - USA - United Kingdom - Germany you will also experience training modules in different continents, where you will meet all the other participants of our Global Pioneer Program

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